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Most Americans are expecting the new war in Iraq to be a re-run of the Afghan war and Gulf War I: a quick victory with minimal American fatalities.  But world-wide, resistance to the American move is building more quickly than anyone could have imagined.  How realistic is it to expect the world to react passively to American aggression?

European leaders are scrambling to put together new alliances independent of US involvement, in an attempt to slow the US attack on Iraq:

Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis takes shape

It's very possible that this is all being done to assuage the concerns of the European public, who are opposed to war primarily for humanitarian reasons. But the politicians in Europe are presumably well aware that if the US succeeds in establishing an effective monopoly on the supply of oil from the Middle East, the result will be very dire for the European economic system.  The USA promises to cut Europe in on the spoils of war, but the question must be -- why trust the USA in such a deal as that?  This theme is expounded in detail in these essays --

The Real but Unspoken Reasons for the Iraq War

How to deal with America? The European dilemma

Meanwhile, if the US does invade with European acquiescence, the war may quickly expand beyond what we expect.  Iraq has apparently forged a military alliance with Syria, whose missiles are poised to deliver chemical and biological weapons to Israel.  Syria may also have provided a hiding place for weapons owned by Iraq which must not be seen by inspectors -- Israeli apologist columnist Joel Skousen writes:

From leaks to the press prior to Powell's presentation, we know that the US possesses multiple satellite photos of convoys of Iraqi military trucks with armed escorts transporting tons of materials from weapons bunkers and taking that material across the border to Syria. The US knows the origin of the convoys and the destination. Israeli intelligence, which has multiple human intelligence (HUMINT) resources in Syria, has confirmed that these convoys contained Iraqi chemical and biological warheads. Why was this information not included in Mr. Powell's presentation? First, it would have made President Bush look like a liar for having challenged Iraq in his State of the Union address to tell us what they have done with their WMD - as if we didn't already know! Second, it would have pointed the finger of culpability at Syria, a sitting member of the Security Council. Third, it would have raised the question of why the US did not intervene to stop these convoys, which had to pass through no fly zones controlled by American aircraft.

Even if Skousen's Israeli and US intelligence sources are not correct, we can see that a case is being built for attacking Syria as well as Iraq.