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Psychopaths, Secret Societies and the New World Order

By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley.

Revision level: 1.0

4. Secret societies in government, business and religion:  From the earliest times of recorded history, we find that secret societies are a natural and integral part of human civilization.  What we mean by a "secret society" is one whose meetings are not open to the general public, and whose written documents are kept confidential to some extent.  Secret societies are often organized hierarchically, with ultimate decision-making power vested in a single individual.  Outside of a secretive core group, a secret society may have a much larger hierarchical structure which operates very openly and which produces abundant documentation of its broader operations.  Our hypothesis is that these secret societies can operate as a mechanism for filtering and selecting psychopathic individuals to carry out the conspiratorial goals of a society and its leadership.

Many modern governments have an intelligence service which operates as a "secret society" whose covert operations are hidden from the public, and which produces a great torrent of highly classified (and unclassified) documentation.   Examples would include the American CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the KGB of the former Soviet Union,  the British MI-6, and so forth.

 Similarly, nearly all corporations are organized as secret societies, with operative decision-making vested in a hierarchical management group (CEO, vice-presidents, corporate secretaries etc.) and boards of directors, who design business strategies in confidential meetings whose results are zealously guarded as trade secrets.  (However, since the 1929 fiasco the SEC and public investors have required some disclosure of financial results.  These disclosure requirements have now been effectively voided for the most part, as shown by the Enron affair.)

Possibly the most prototypical examples of secret societies are known as the "mystery religions" or "occult societies".  These are religions which attempt (with varying degrees of success) to make secrets out of  their central doctrines as well as their procedures and meetings.  Examples include the Freemasons (and derivative organizations such as the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, Thule Society, Rosicrucians and so forth),  the medieval Knights Templar, the Roman Catholic Jesuits and Opus Dei,  the Assassins and some other sects of Ismaili (Aga Khan) Muslims, the Essenes and other Hebrew mystery cults, and ancient Roman Mithraism.  The names of the deities of any particular occult society may vary from time to time and place to place, the underlying motifs and archetypes are generally similar, and closely related to the pantheistic astral and tribal paganism of ancient Mesopotamia.  This is the worship of Mithra (the Sun), Sin (the Moon) and Lucifer  (Venus), along with Ahura Mazda or Yahweh (the Great Architect of the Universe?) and Moloch and Baal, the tribal consorts of the astral gods.  Modern apologists for Freemasons and other occult secret societies argue that these ancient pagan gods are correctly  interpreted today as benevolent and altruistic symbols.  However, in ancient history these same gods were portrayed as jealous and angry gods, actually psychopathic gods, who would lie and kill without remorse in the pursuit of ultimate and eternal power, and who demanded the aroma of human sacrifice.  In their choice to preserve and venerate the memory of the psychopathic gods of ancient Mesopotamia, are modern psychopathic elites also revealing something about themselves? 

Most modern human beings are convinced that these pagan gods passed into the dustbin of  history two millenia ago, but we suspect that this may not be the case.  Repeatedly throughout history, the elites of the Great World Empire have been attracted to religious secret societies such as these, which maintain a high regard for the ancient pagans.  We submit that this is no coincidence.  

In modern times we are also seeing a proliferation of elite secret societies which operate at an international level, such as the World Bank and IMF and associated world economic meetings, and the Bilderberg society.  Similar organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Trilateral Commission seem to operate on an open level, although it is difficult to know whether they might have a secretive core level.  These international (globalist) secret societies have an extraordinary and quite well-documented ability to attract wealthy and powerful individuals to form their core membership, just as the religious secret societies also attract these same individuals.  Furthermore, their memberships are often interlocking, such as in corporate boards.  As noted in Janis Irving's 1972 book "Victims of Groupthink",  any committee or group (even one composed entirely of non-psychopathic individuals) can fall prey to various faulty decision making processes.   However, it should be clear that if a substantial portion of any secret society is made up of psychopathic individuals, the decision-making processes will be further compromised to say the least.  Also just as clearly, such an organization is a good place to organize a conspiracy -- that is, an illegal or wrongful scheme perpetrated by two or more persons acting in concert.

Any assessment of the power of the psychopathic tendency, in powerful individuals, dynasties, and secret societies, is basically a matter of historical judgment over a broad sweep of time and across many events.   Conspiracists have often been accused of "mining" the historical record for odd factoids and tidbits that support some skewed and paranoid interpretation, and we do not wish to contribute to that syndrome.  Our goal is to take a patient and systematic overview of the broad sweep of history, and show that it is overwhelmingly consistent with our view.

While we note that many mainstream observers are skeptical, we also observe that many who actually take the time and effort to evaluate the literature on secret societies tend to eventually fall overboard into the opposite conclusion.  Time and time again we see concerns that one or another of the secret societies is becoming so powerful that it is nearly omnipotent and eminently capable of conquering the world.   The John Birch Society fears a Communist conspiracy,  Hitler's Germans feared a secret conspiracy of Jewish bankers, and so forth.  For the most part, advocates of these theories are rightly seen as crack-pots.  Most anyone can see that the Socialists are opposed by the Capitalists, the Jews are opposed by the Moslems, and nobody seems to have any imminent potential of winning the whole ball of wax.   However, with the understanding that all of these facets are inter-related at some point by their relationship to the New World Order, we realize that we simply do not have the data to resolve the questions about exactly what power is held by each of the secret societies.  In fact, the proliferation of secret societies is probably largely innocent, and has the effect of creating a sort of "shell game" as conspiracy theorists try to guess and argue over which of the secret societies is most important and responsible for the world's problems.

Factors preventing the psychopathic conquest of the world.  We presume that  total world domination is the long-term goal of the Great World Empire, whether or not they have mapped out and designed their means to achieve such a goal.  To understand this, consider the problems it would solve for them.  All the taxes (tribute) from all over the world would go to a single center. A single world army would only need to be big enough to put down any challenges that somehow arose from below, and escaped the attentions of worldwide surveillance. A plutocratic class (and who knows how big or small it might be) could have as many slaves and servants as they needed, and any surplus population could simply be killed, leaving vast, beautiful, empty estates for the chosen few.  Assuming the worst possible scenario -- that this is actually the articulated and self-comprehended plan of the elite classes within their secret societies -- we must consider all the problems they face in their attempts to reach this goal. 

One class of problems is structural within the elite psychopathic class.  At every new generation, some of the children of any wealthy family will grow up without any psychopathic tendencies, yet they inherit great wealth anyhow. Sometimes the scions of the wealthy might merely pretend to be psychopaths in order to rise to a high station, then hope to use their power to good ends later in life.  Also, it must occur from time to time that  a ruler of a nation (being truly psychopathic) might rebel against the Secret Order and seek to aggrandize themselves at other society members' expense. Remember, they're psychopaths, which means they only work together to the extent that it benefits themselves.  The elites exist within a world that  has always been fragmented into various races, and divided by languages and cultures. These divisions naturally induce suspicion, and can be exploited by rebellious psychopathic members of the secret societies -- in order to create an independent power base, and then extend their direct share of power.  Meanwhile, all other psychopathic rulers (as well as uncorrupted ones, if they exist) must prepare to defend against incursions.

The elite also faces continual challenges from the people they rule over.  It's impossible for the elite  to monopolize all the wealth in a society.   The first problem is that destitute slaves do not make effective or enthusiastic warriors -- a nation of angry or hopeless paupers is easily conquered. Also, in order to promote a work ethic, there need to be some rewards for effort -- otherwise all the subjects will do the minimum necessary to avoid being whipped.  The Laffer curve illustrates that there  is some optimum level of taxation which maximizes government revenue, while still leaving significant wealth for individuals.  Furthermore -- any society requires a class of managers, supervisors and bureaucrats who have some training and resources. Those classes represent a constant source of challenges to the elite rulers  -- and they may take nearly complete control of a society, especially if they are also landowners and are able to force a Republican or plutocratic governmental structure.

Rule by "quislings" is especially ineffective, because the subjects want to overthrow the ruler as soon as the traitorous relationship is exposed. There is a limit to the amount of tribute (taxation or war reparations) that can be extracted by this means.  Also, from time to time, the machinations of the secret society are exposed and become generally known. Then the society must submerge politically, and may suffer significant losses of assets. If a society preserves Republican or Democratic formalisms, then there is a limit to the amount of lies that can be fed to the people -- eventually the formalisms break down and are replaced by overt dictatorship.

History has seen many attempts by the New World Order to consolidate its rule over the whole globe.  Time and time again, these attempts have failed, for the structural reasons I've just listed -- and also because any such empire inspires resistance in the entire world outside itself.  If the Bush war campaign, now gathering force around Iraq,  represents an attempt to create such a world empire -- it seems quite certain that the attempt will fail yet again.  The only question is how much chaos will be created in its failure.