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Psychopaths, Secret Societies and the New World Order

By Jerry Russell and Richard Stanley.

Revision level: 1.0

3. The Historical Continuity of Empire.  While elite antisocial behavior is part of all human history across all societies and cultures, we also believe that there is a single elite clique that has been uniquely successful in the art of empire-building.  Their omnipresent power bridges across the millennia, from at least the days of the first recorded empire (the Acheamenid Persians), if not further back in time, to the present.  

Orthodox historians present the story of our species as a patchwork of nations, peoples, rulers and religions, parading across the stage of time and leaving only archaeological remnants and books behind.  We think we have a much more interesting way of looking at history, as a repeating yet ever-changing story of the class struggle, and the development of diverse mechanisms by which the elite maintain their power.  

Our work has also revealed an astounding continuity in history.  We find that  the power of the Persian empire re-materialized in Greece and Rome.  The mantle of Roman power was then passed from the medieval Catholic Church to the British Empire (and, to a lesser extent, the other colonial ventures of the European powers) and finally across the pond to America.  The Empire created the great world religions of Judaism, Christianity and (we speculate) possibly  Islam as well, solely to meet its own political objectives under varying circumstances.  This singular and great Empire is the only one which has ever been on  the verge of conquering the entire world (although Russia and China may have retained some stubborn independence) and it is now attempting to finally conquer the world one more time, in an attempt to escape from  its own civilization-wide crisis.  

To present the pageant of history in this perspective, will basically require a complete re-write of all the textbooks.  The authors are woefully ill-equipped to undertake this massive venture.    However, we are not entirely amused  that so-called "professional historians" have so completely dropped the ball on this outlook.   Since history is too important to leave to these "professionals" (just as journalism today is far too important to leave to the corporate-controlled "free press"), we are planning to bravely attempt to lay a new framework for our view of "what really happened".   In most cases we expect to rely on secondary sources, and we do not pretend to achieve scholarly standards of thoroughness or objectivity.  Hopefully we will inspire others to help fill in the gaps.  Because we cannot be scholarly, we will at least try to be light-hearted and entertaining.

While we often expect to encounter gaping holes in our ability to document the historical continuity of Imperial rule of this planet, we submit that our position is completely consistent with common sense.  How is it possible for a great power to disappear?  How can great wealth be totally dissipated or stolen, cultural inheritances squandered and injustices totally squashed?  We submit that Rome was not "built in a day", nor was it founded by the legendary Romulus and Remus (or their tribal proxies) on the banks of the Tiber.  Rome was built over thousands of years, beginning with the civilizations of the Fertile Crescent.  And we claim that Rome never really fell, but only bent over like a reed in the wind.  The Roman Empire is still very much with us today, and not just in a metaphorical sense.  This Empire is often referred to today as the "New World Order" but in reality there is nothing new about it.  

Along with the underlying continuity of  Empire, we also acknowledge a continuing saga of its own self-destruction.  It is a complex empire, held together by bailing wire and duct tape.  Fragments break off and need to be re-conquered, or stand on their own and eventually re-engulf the whole.  At any given moment, the boundaries of the New World Order are quite fluid, even debatable to some extent.  

At the present time, we believe that the core of the New World Order consists of America, the United Kingdom and Israel.  Europe and Japan are also clearly near the center of the Empire, although they may appear to be shattering away from it in a great and historic divide as of this writing.  Africa and South America are the unloved and exploited periphery of the Empire, and Russia and China (as far as we know) are untamed and unconquered, competitive and potential Great Powers themselves, in spite of repeated efforts by the New World Order to extend their influence in those countries.  The world of Islam is heavily infiltrated at present by the New World Order, but it is becoming rebellious and will clearly become contested territory in the new World War which is now developing.

The dialectic of sacred cows:  In carrying out our re-evaluation of history,  we will unavoidably need to trample on some sacred cows held close to the vest by various sundry interest groups, each with great stake in maintaining their time worn and well spun propaganda. In trampling these sacred cows it is our intent to help free the reader from the pitfalls of continuously falling into layer upon layer of false dichotomies otherwise known as Hegelian Dialectics,  which may basically defined as the process of combining a poorly framed "thesis" with an oppositely bankrupt "antithesis"  in order to produce a fraudulent "synthesis" (all too often,  the "synthesis" is that the believers in the "thesis" must kill and destroy the advocates of  the "antithesis").   These false analytic constructs are continuously fed to the populaces of all societies,  in order to divert their focus and  manipulate their thinking and behavior.  The fraudulent synthesis always operates  to the benefit of the ruling elites, even if it is at the expense of the people.

Escaping from dialectic dead ends:  By altering the focus of analysis to the divergent desires of all ruling elites with those of their ruled, we can finally escape the endless cycle of racial, religious, and nationalistic distrust and scape-goating,  which are continuously fomented via the various channels of corporate controlled propaganda, otherwise (and incorrectly) referred to as our  "mass media".

The psychopaths have always faced a massive struggle against their attempts to retain power, and the people have enjoyed some remarkable successes  in their efforts to restrain the psychopathic tendency.  There has arguably been a broad and accelerating trend to increased understanding of Nature and Science, a broadening of literacy, and an increasing distribution of prosperity and political power.  At times, the progress has been remarkable -- such as with the Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation based on the printing press and the spread of literacy, the age of Democratic Reform and the end of royal rule in Europe, and the industrial revolution of the 19th and early 20th centuries.  Meanwhile, the elite of the New World Order has been forced to create a thick fog bank of propaganda and lies about themselves, so that it is only possible by arduous and careful study to discover the true nature of their existence.  Most of the world is fooled into thinking that the vast body of knowledge addressing  this powerful elite,  amounts to nothing but a mass of speculative "conspiracy theory".  

The authors are encouraged that we have been able to emerge from this fog at least to some extent, and our fondest hope is that  the rest of the world can do so as well.   As we are nearing the end of the Age of Petroleum, facing a crisis caused by the inevitable end of the exponential growth of the entire human enterprise, we find that the psychopaths' finger is firmly planted on the nuclear trigger.  It is difficult to feel confident about the future, which will be so much more hopeful if we can create a widespread understanding of the nature of our predicament.

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