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"Law is dead.  There is no law."   

The so-called "Patriot Act" was passed by Congress in the wake of Sept. 11.  According to the ACLU, this act contains serious attacks on the constitutional rights of US citizens as well as the human rights of people around the world.  It increases government surveillance authority, attacks attorney-client privilege in criminal cases, attacks financial privacy, subverts fourth amendment protections against search and seizure, and allows the CIA to spy on US citizens.

In accordance with their new powers, the United States Government is now enacting sadistic torture tableaux in open sight.

From the Washington Post:  (www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A5564-2002Mar10.html)

Since Sept. 11, the U.S. government has secretly transported dozens of people suspected of links to terrorists to countries other than the United States, bypassing extradition procedures and legal formalities, according to Western diplomats and intelligence sources. The suspects have been taken to countries, including Egypt and Jordan, whose intelligence services have close ties to the CIA and where they can be subjected to interrogation tactics -- including torture and threats to families -- that are illegal in the United States, the sources said. In some cases, U.S. intelligence agents remain closely involved in the interrogation, the sources said.

"After September 11, these sorts of movements have been occurring all the time," a U.S. diplomat said. "It allows us to get information from terrorists in a way we can't do on U.S. soil."

For now, it may be only a few dozens of victims.  Then again, we have no way of knowing what else might be going on behind the scenes. We do know that the US government has never before defied the Bill of Rights so brazenly, openly and proudly. 

Highly placed government officials are also openly and shamelessly proclaiming their right to lie to the public.

The United Nations, far from being a force to restrain these injustices, is in fact careening wildly out of control.  The trial of Slobodan Milosevic is a landmark travesty: a criminal trial without a jury, without a systematic right to confront opposing witnesses, without even any legitimate basis to exist under international law.

"Patriot Act II" is now being planned.  The Center for Public Integrity explains:

Dr. David Cole, Georgetown University Law professor and author of Terrorism and the Constitution, reviewed the draft legislation at the request of the Center, and said that the legislation “raises a lot of serious concerns. It’s troubling that they have gotten this far along and they’ve been telling people there is nothing in the works.” This proposed law, he added, “would radically expand law enforcement and intelligence gathering authorities, reduce or eliminate judicial oversight over surveillance, authorize secret arrests, create a DNA database based on unchecked executive ‘suspicion,’ create new death penalties, and even seek to take American citizenship away from persons who belong to or support disfavored political groups.”

Columnist Chris Floyd summed it up this way:

"So forget law. Law is dead. There is no law. There is only the reality of power. They can take you tonight, anywhere in the world, beat you and drug you and ship you to a dungeon in Jakarta if they want to. They can ram their cattle prods up your anus and slap their electrodes on your genitals and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. No one will hear you scream; no one will even know where you are. You don't exist anymore. You're not a person, you have no standing under the law. There is no law."