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Carol Valentine

A note by Jerry Russell

Before I send you on to Carol Valentine's page, I have a few remarks.

In one recent article, Carol Valentine (with Snake Plissken) propose a theory that drone planes (rather than airliners) struck the first WTC tower and the Pentagon. An empty remote-piloted drone plane struck the second WTC tower according to this theory, while the passengers from all four of the missing airline flights that day actually perished in a single airliner in Pennsylvania.

This remarkable theory is critiqued here.

Carol also endorses the theory of holocaust revisionism, and has some pointers to sites which I consider openly racist and anti-semitic.  Other revisionist sources appear to be serious attempts at accurate history, and I would not discourage anyone from reviewing and deciding for themselves about this material.

Is Carol a courageous antiwar activist? A "notorious nutball"?  Or an incredibly skilled propagandist trying to throw you off the trail?  You be the judge.

You can find Carol Valentine's website at www.public-action.com.