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About 911-strike.com

This web site is currently a sole proprietorship of Jerry Russell, who is solely responsible for its content.  We strive to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information available; therefore, all materials may be updated, replaced or removed at any time without notice.  We may re-organize as a corporation or non-profit corporation at some point in the future.  If you are interested in helping us with that process, or if you have any other comments, my email (expressed in anti-spam format) is:

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(Please replace the splat with @, the daht with a period, and squeeze out white space.  The dash is a hyphen, not an underscore. )

About Jerry Russell.

I have been a supporter and contributor to various charitable, environmental and antiwar causes since 1972.  I have never felt that I have gotten my money's worth, or any reasonable return on my time.  

I have a personal and professional page at www.regena.com, which you may review for further information. 

About Richard Stanley.

Richard Stanley is a technologist who lives somewhere in California.  He prefers to maintain a "low profile" so please write to Jerry at the above e-mail address if you want to contact him.  

He is definitely not the same person as Rick Stanley, the Libertarian and 2nd Amendment rights activist from Colorado, whose website can be found at stanley2002.org. 

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