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The Future History of Planet Earth:  Since at least the time of the biblical prophets and the Oracle of Delphi, the attempt to foretell the future has captivated the imagination of our species.  Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" and his many other books represent a modern attempt at fortune-telling, in a Christian Zionist mold.  More reputable commentators hesitate to make many predictions, because they know how notoriously fickle and inscrutable The Future truly is, and how much is dependent on the random chaos of events, the unpredictability of human free will, the creative fountain of technological innovation, and the importance of Great Men.  Today, sooth-saying has something of a bad reputation, and only the very brave, the foolhardy and the deluded seem to have the courage to make predictions.

As proprietors of our  little-known website (www.911-strike.com), otherwise employed in relatively mundane tasks in the low-rent districts of the American empire, the authors have nonetheless decided to grasp for the brass ring of success in the art of divining the future.  Perhaps the (posthumous) fame of Nostradamus shall await us if we succeed.  Although we certainly would prefer that like  the humiliated Cassandra and the proverbial Chicken Little, our dire prophecies will not come to pass.    

In the words of the great old warrior and Ku Klux Klan member, Senator Robert Byrd -- "We are truly sleepwalking through history."  To be more precise, we are sleepwalking into the beginning of a vast world war whose purpose is to achieve a larger hidden global agenda.  Or rather, there is nothing new about this World War -- it is a continuation of the Thousand Year War which has been known as the Crusades.  Beyond any doubt,  George W. Bush used that language with full knowledge and intent as he commenced the battle for Afghanistan last year.  It was designed to inflame the anger of the entire Islamic world.

The goal of the current phase of the war is the conquest and subjugation of the Arab oil  nations of the Middle East, to bring them entirely under the neocolonial control of an Anglo-Aryan dominated West and their American and Zionist proxies.   Powerful elites believe that this is necessary because the Western nations need to have control of the profits, the "economic rent", that comes from ownership of oil.  Up until now, the West has abetted  the seemingly contradictory, but purposeful, antics of Saudi Arabian and Kuwaiti royalty, and the profitably schismatic Shiite Islamic populism of Iran, but the diversion of revenue -- and the potential that Islam will develop real, independent political and military power -- can no longer be tolerated.  

In this great manipulated war against the Arabs,  both Americans and Europeans have their role.  Americans will do the on-the-ground fighting and dying.  To accomplish this, America must be truly and deeply motivated to fight.  This is being accomplished, and will be accomplished, through a cynical manipulation of the history of World War II, and the religion of Christian Zionism.  We can see some of this in the President Bush's invocation of the  "Saddam = Hitler" paradigm, which is  illustrated  most clearly with the "he gassed his own people" motif.   As almost everyone knows,  the horrific gas chambers of Auschwitz were the most essential embodiment, the primal horror, of Hitlerism.  With the prayer of "never again", Americans are now bravely going forward, once again,  to rid the world of this new "Hitlerian" scourge, the man who would gas his own people.

As the Americans play the role of the "bad cop", threatening the Arab world with nuclear destruction, the Europeans, Russia and the United Nations are playing the role of the "good cop".  Exquisitely diplomatic, they beg the Arabs not to use their stocks of chemical and biological weapons, and to avoid even thinking about the nuclear option.  By means of such diplomacy, Iraq has been presented to the US like a lamb for slaughter.  In order to prevent the game from becoming too obvious, and to prolong the Iraqi agony, Russia and others are now (in all probability) supplying Iraq with a clandestine flow of weapons.  But we expect this will not be anywhere near enough to turn the tide, and America will eventually emerge victorious.

Beyond Iraq, we do not pretend to know how quickly this war will progress, nor by what fits and starts.  Already there are signs that George Bush may have botched the opening moves of the game, and the establishment is bringing forth contingency plans for a quick change of leadership.  Also, it is quite likely at some point that the American economy might go into a hyperinflationary shock, especially if oil shortages cause fuel prices to skyrocket upwards.  Such an inflationary episode would be highly damaging to the world economy (which relies on the health of the Dollar as a reserve currency) but it would be even more damaging to the US, which would be cut-off from its supplies of all sorts of internationally manufactured goods.  No matter, the US economy will be re-built by international banking interests as a sort of Satanic mill, like Stalin's industrial base in the Ural Mountains and Siberia during World War II.

 Regardless of any setbacks or delays, there is no sign that the elites have changed their agenda, and no sign that the populace of the US will rise up to demand a change in the war policy.  Thus, over the years (or months) to come, we can expect that the war will proceed from Iraq into Iran or Syria.  Once that happens,  the Arabs may fully live up to their reputation as new Hitlers.  Unlike Saddam's Iraq, Iran and Syria may actually have vast stores of chemical and biological weapons, and (in spite of all "good-cop" diplomatic efforts by the Europeans at the UN) they probably will not hesitate to use them against invading American troops, as they see the die being cast.   Iran most likely has nuclear weapons (if not now, they soon will) and whatever of these can be mustered, will most likely be used as well.  Also, we believe that ultimately, the Arabs will lash out not only at the newly hated Americans, but also against their ancient dialectic enemies the Israelis.  

One possible scenario is that the ancient Holy Land of Jesus and Abraham will be left as a wasteland, a  poisoned, radioactive cinder, with no one left alive.  The Christian Zionists who are cheering this scenario forward, will be disappointed in the outcome.  The Temple of Jerusalem will never be rebuilt, and Jesus Christ will not return in glory to complete the Rapture script (which will be utterly unmasked  as false prophecy). However, in view of the horror that actually unfolds, and depending upon circumstances and alternative contingency plans, the peoples of Europe and Russia may unite behind the Americans in the goal of the ultimate conquest of the lands of Islam --  unless (against all odds)  they  manifest their growing revulsion at the incongruent and hypocritical behavior of America, by joining the Arabs.  

In any case, because the corporate media and government duped Americans will be the most outraged and the most hurt, they will continue to bear the brunt of the fighting.

While the Muslims are being cast (to the American audience)  in the global role of Hitler, the American President Bush (and his successors and global agenda associates) are the ones who are truly reincarnating his every move, like a script from a bad spaghetti western (for mostly global consumption).   The highly productive activist Carol Brouillet remarked that Bush should be sued for plagiarism, as he is following the Hitler script so carefully.  To the extent that Hitler's evil has been mythologized and rendered bigger-than-life, Bush is following the script rather than the reality.  For example, the true story of the Reichstag Fire might be that a drunk Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe,  really was responsible for burning the German legislature.  (Or not -- the controversy rages on.)  At any rate,  Hitler took the blame in the eyes of history.  But the destruction of the World Trade Center was a true instance of fake terror, so cold-blooded that almost NO ONE can bring themselves to conceive of it.

Whatever the Hitler reality was, if Bush continues to follow the Hitler archetype, we can expect to confront the gas chamber script as well.  Perhaps not exactly Death Chambers (which would tip off even the most oblivious American as to the reality of the situation) but some other high-tech means will be implemented to destroy American Muslims, Blacks who might be construed as Muslims, anti-war protestors, non-conformists, and other convenient political and economic target victims by the millions,  while making headlines around the world.

Finally, after the Arab world is conquered, then Europe and Asia will unite to defeat the Americans as well, with yet another massive ground invasion. Few Americans will have the heart to fight, after the atrocities of the US government are fully understood.  American casualties in the final battles will be light (although starvation and cold will kill many), and the American industrial base will be preserved.

Perhaps famine and disease will sweep the Third World, and Indo- Europeans of Aryan heritage will finally inherit the whole world as their homeland.  If the powerful and wealthy elites have their way, they will rule over this great unified kingdom as feudal Lords, like Gods incarnate, such as the ancient Pharaohs of Egypt.  But we do not believe that their plan of Great World Empire will ever come to pass; it never has and never will.  When this current World War is over, conflict will be brewing once again, perhaps between the Asiatic powers of Russia and China.

How dare we predict such a future?  Unlike the ancient oracle at Delphi, we have no secrets to hide.  And unlike Hal Lindsey and his ilk, we have no use for hocus-pocus.  Read on, and all will be revealed....

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